About Slug Gaming

Who we are

UCSC's Slug Gaming goal is to bring together students who play all kinds of games. Our goal is to build a student community surrounding the game which supports game discussion, casual/competitive play, and participation in club events.

The Slug Gaming club assists competitively-minded players with finding teammates and preparing for game tournaments hosted by Tespa, Collegiate StarLeague, and various other organizations.

Mission Statement

Slug Gaming is a community-driven organization that provides unique benefits and opportunities for those looking to be a part of the esports scene, including a competitive environment that fosters the development of high-level talent, as well as connections within the industry, while also maintaining a thriving casual scene so that anyone can have the opportunity to feel involved and a part of our family.

Administration Officers

Overseeing the backbone of Slug Gaming, Administration Officers arrange club meetings, sign-off on official paperwork, and manage all the background tasks needed to keep the club running.

  • Derreck "Maza"

    Derreck "Maza" Frey

    President of Slugs

    Experienced in all pathways of Esports, from managerial to competitive roles. Half-Japanese, so he's technically not a weeb.

  • Jason "radastorm2" Yang

    Jason "radastorm2" Yang

    Vice President

    Gamer, streamer, and meme connoisseur. Ask me about Twitch Prime. DendiFace.

  • Bryan "ningmenhao" Tor

    Bryan Tor

    Club Historian

    Slug Gaming’s resident glorified secretary, casual gamer, and suffering victim.

  • Nick "nologic" Schetman

    Nick "nologic" Schetman

    Content Creation and Event Planning

    Hi! My name is Nick! I am an incoming freshman at UCSC who is majoring in Business Management Economics. I love Anime, K-pop, and Drawing. E-sports is a big part of my life and I am always excited at the opportunity to compete.

ESPORTS Director Team

Working hard for our competitive teams, Esports Directors work with our variety of gaming teams to organize scrimmages, handle tournament schedules, and ensure success for the UCSC Esports scene.

  • Joshua "JBoy" Brown

    Josh "JBoy" Brown

    Starcraft 2 Director

    That one guy who plays Starcraft 2.

  • Kevin "Offwall" Pena

    Kevin "Offwall" Pena

    Siege Coach

    I'm a coach for the R6 siege team because I'm a filthy console player. But playing console allows me to be a player for Splatoon so it's not too bad.

  • Tyler "Rumble"

    Tyler "Rumble"

    Splatoon 2

    Music is Life

  • Raymond "FrostyB" Lee

    Raymond "FrostyB" Lee

    CS:GO Director

    He's only here because he was offered an AWP Dragon Lore as payment.

  • Serena "Spacemint" Li

    Serena "Spacemint" Li

    Overwatch Director

    sugma + ligma = sigma

  • Elijah "kleptode" Holmberg;

    Elijah "kleptode" Holmberg

    Hearthstone Competitive Extraordinaire

    I play everything but am better than average at children's card games.

  • Ty "LoveshackTy" Burnham

    Ty "LoveshackTy" Burnham

    Rainbow 6 Director

    Fourth year anti-tilt main. Avid and competitive FPS player and a fan of all things couch multiplayer.

ESPORTS Associates

Alongside our Esports directors are our associates, helping to makes sure that the competitive teams are going great!

  • Edwin "Edywang"

    Edwin "Edywang"

    Hearthstone & Siege Associate

    A Computer Science major who plays Hearthstone and Siege. Feel free to message Edywang#5722 for anything gaming related or otherwise.

  • Justin "justinb961" Budikentjana

    Justin "justinb961" Budikentjana

    League of Legends Associate

    A Robotics Engineering major who plays League of Legends (justinb961), Hearthstone, and Overwatch (justinb961#1564). Feel free to add me to hang out anytime!

  • Cole "Coke" Esparza

    Cole "Bahama" Esparza

    Dota 2 Associate

    Transfer student hailing from the 562. A Game Design major who loves competitive games. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you get got. So let's get it!

  • Dominic "sappy" Gada

    Dominic "sappy" Gada

    Overwatch Associate

    Please delete Brig bad character

  • Justin "Rocktea_" Walker

    Justin "Rocktea_" Walker

    Fortnite Associate

    Justin is a gamer who loves to talk anything Naruto, draws anime, and creates content on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

  • David "FIREOFDOOM2000" Dominique

    David "FIREOFDOOM2000" Dominique

    Assistant R6 Director

    Plays and watches a lot of R6 Siege, can think better than he can shoot. Clearly I loose all my games because of ping.

Officer Alumni

Former members of the Slug Gaming officer team.

  • Alfred "Kyoushiiro" Lam;

    Alfred "Kyoushiiro" Lam

    Sluggy President

    A casual player of everything. Lately I'm playing League/TFT and Osu. Feel free to say hi!

  • Jordan "Subtact" Kinard

    Jordan "Subtact" Kinard

    Sluggish President

    I'm really good at mafia but no one believes my accusations. Probably because I'm bad at mafia...

  • Michele "knarf"

    Michele "knarf"

    Rocket League Competitive Manager

    Transfer student. I love competitive multiplayer games and Oldschool RuneScape.

  • Geoff "Monophonic" Smith

    Geoff "Monophonic" Smith

    Co-Founder and Club Developer

    General tryhard. He's played almost every esport you can imagine, but Dota 2 and StarCraft 2 remain close to his heart.

  • Joab "GuitarIke10" Casas

    Joab "GuitarIke10" Casas

    Head of TCG

    Casual Yu-Gi-Oh player, Nintendo enthusiast, and loves all things Japan.

  • Vivian "Contrast"

    Vivian "Contrast" Nguyen

    Former Vice President

    Former Vice President of Slug Gaming. Now the Engagement Manager at Team Liquid. Follow her on twitter at ViviContrast

  • Erika "Kolex"

    Erika "Kolex"

    Overwatch Manager

    Been playing video games since the day I was born, from console to pc.

  • Marina "club penguins" Chen

    Marina "club penguins" Chen

    Vice President of Finance

    A friendly league and hearthstone trash. Has met Doublelift.

  • Lauren "lorsmores" Smith

    Lauren "lorsmores" Smith

    Marketing Head

    Fourth-year casual player of lots o' games, mainly LOL and Hearthstone. Loves baking and keeping her team tilt-free!

  • Waldon "Wallybot"

    Waldon "Wallybot"

    Community Manager

    Semi-casual gamer. Always down to hangout and play some games!

  • Jesine "Jesine"

    Jensine "Jensine"

    League of Legends Community Director

    My internet has been terrible this year at 1k ping :,) !

  • Daniel "Danny4antom" Reyes

    Daniel "Danny4antom" Reyes

    Yu-Gi-Oh Director

    Yu-Gi-Oh Judge focused on making the game available to everyone regardless of skill. Hit me up for free cards!

  • Alex "GJewce" Shaham

    Alex "GJewce" Shaham

    League of Legends Competitive Director

    Serious League player. Warcraft, Basketball, and Anime.